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Chapter 1

Hamlet Q&A

Hamlet Timeline

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Table of Contents

A Note on Texts and Line References

Author’s Preface: The Gross and Scope of My Opinion

The Source of this Our Watch

His Semblance is His Mirror

How Many Children Had Lady Macbeth?

The Journey Is the Reward

For This Relief Much Thanks

Chapter One: How Many Years Had Hamlet the Dane?

The Critics

Sixeteene Years Had Hamlet the Dane

The First Quarto

The First Folio

Counting on the Gravedigger

Thirty Dozen Moons

Noble Dust of Alexander

Fortinbras: The Delicate and Tender Prince

The Morn and Liquid Dew of Youth

Hamlet the Student

How Many Years Hath Hamlet the Play?

Amleth and the Ur-Hamlet

The Question of Character

Chapter Two: Abstract and Brief Chronicles of the Time

The Ghost Walks

Murder Most Foul

O’erhasty Wedding

Christmas Break

Hamlet’s “Monday Morning”

The Mousetrap Sequence

Ophelia’s Closet

Ophelia’s Many a Day

Fortinbras’ Promised March

Hamlet at Sea

Sudden and More Strange Return

Ophelia’s Flowers

The Gravedigger Sequence

Tomorrow Is St. Valentine’s Day

Claudius the Cruel

Not Shriving Time Allowed

The Burial of Katherine Hamlett

Julius Caesar and the Pirates

Shrovetide Revels at Court

The Christmas Prince

Hamlet and Hamnet

Puzzling the Will

Chapter Three: A Certain Convocation of Politic Worms

Go Not to Mine Uncle’s Bed

Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark

Hamlet the Heir

Chiefest Courtier, Cousin, and Our Son

Return to Wittenberg

The Pate of a Politician

The Very Cunning of the Scene

Chameleon’s Dish

Denmark’s a Prison

Counselor Most Secret and Most Grave

Sweet Nymph

Conception Is a Blessing

Oh, Wonderful Son

The Imperial Jointress of this War-Like State

The Morn and Liquid Dew of Youth

Chapter Four: The Age Is Grown So Pick’d

The Heel of the Courtier

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men

Shakespeare and The University Wits

The Parnassus Plays

Hamlet the Player

His Picture in Little

Th’ Expectation and Rose of The Fair State

Chapter Five: Bear Hamlet Like a Soldier

The Greatest Honor

The Undiscover’d Country

To Act, To Do, and To Perform

Hamlet, Revenge!

Murder Most Foul

What Happens in the Mousetrap

As Kill a King

Where’s Your Father?

When Honor’s at the Stake

Appendix A: A Tragicall Hystorie of Hamlet’s Age

The Critics Speak

Appendix B: Hamlet, Parnassus, and the War of the Theaters

A Clown’s Head

Giving the Poets a Pill

The Croaking Raven Doth Bellow for Revenge

Appendix C: Thirty Dozen Moons: How Many Years Had Gertrude the Queen

The Marriage of Frederick II of Denmark

The Oxford/Cecil Connection

Appendix D: Shakespeare, the Calendar, the Catholics, and The Stars

Calendar Reform and the Catholic Threat

Shakespeare and the Catholic Calendar

Hamlet and the Infinite Universe

Astronomical Language in Hamlet

Appendix E: Yond Same Star That’s Westward from the Pole

Cepheus Rising

Appendix F: The Drowning of Katherine Hamlett

To Act, To Do, To Perform

Maimed Rites

A Dead Woman in Tiddington

A Hamlet Timeline

About the Author


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