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About the Author

About the Author

Steve Roth’s papers include:

• “Hamlet, St. John’s, Parnassus, and the War of the Theatres,” presented at the August, 2001 Scaena conference at St. John’s College, Cambridge

• “Hamlet as The Christmas Prince: Certain Speculations on Hamlet, the Calendar, Revels, and Misrule,” published in the January, 2002 issue of Early Modern Literary Studies.

• "How Ben Jonson Berayed His Credit: Parnassus, Shakespeare’s 'Purge,' and The War of the Theatres" in the Fall 2002 issue of Ben Jonson Journal.

• “Who Knows Who Knows Who’'s There? An Epistemology of Hamlet (Or, What Happens in the Mousetrap)" in Early Modern Literary Studies, 10.2.

• "Hamlet II.ii.332: ‘their inhibition comes by the means of the late innovation’” in Notes & Queries (#248, March 2003, 43-46).

• “Shaxican. Working with Matthew Steggle, building on the work of Gabriel Egan, and using actor/playwright Coley Cibber's works as a comparative testbed, tested the proposition of Donald Foster's Shaxicon: that Shakespeare's player parts could be discerned by examining the word frequency usage in his subsequent works. Results: while it did not conclusively disprove the theory, it found no support for it.

• “Jonson's Beard and Shakespeare's Purge: Hamlet, Parnassus, and the Poet's War” in Volume 35 (2022) of Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England.

Steve took his BA (magna cum laude) in Literature, Theory and Criticism from Western Washington University in 1983, and received his MA from New York University in 1985 under the Oscar Dystel Fellowship, endowed by Bantam Books. He’s written, edited, and/or produced dozens of books, and has been a writer and editor for several magazines, including Publishers Weekly, Personal Publishing, Macworld, and Small Press. His writings have appeared in publications as diverse as Seattle Cheap Eats and The New York Times.
Steve has been involved with various publishing startups, and in 1991 he co-founded Thunder Lizard Productions, where he spent nine years as president and CEO.
Contact: steve at princehamlet dot com


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